Speed Painting: “TinkerToy”

The upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Westward: Volume 1 will feature a unique and creative rewards system for potential backers, including the chance to score original artwork. Some of these paintings were conceptual pieces, the first renderings of Westward characters like Penelope West.

The Kickstarter begins March 1st, 2013. Visit the campaign page here for more information on rewards and updates.


Announcement: New Kickstarter campaign to launch for Westward – Volume 1


It’s finally here: The new Kickstarter campaign.

The first two issues of Westward sold out within the first month of their release. While this might seem like a huge success, it’s important to point out that unless you’re selling tens of thousands of copies, the truth is the expense of printing and shipping just one issue of a 32 page black-and-white bi-monthly book is extremely costly. Since Kinetic Press is essentially a one-man enterprise, shouldering that cost can be pretty near-impossible. That’s why Westward has turned to Kickstarter for help.

Westward: Volume 1
will allow new readers the opportunity to start at the beginning of the series, while offering something extra to more familiar fans.

Westward: Volume 1 will be 120 pages, collecting the first three chapters into one perfect-bound, high-gloss trade paperback. The book will appear under the listing for “Tool Publications” in the March 2013 issue of Previews and see global distribution the following May, appearing on the shelves of comic book retailers everywhere.

The book includes several never-before-seen bonus materials, including:

  • Concept art
  • Early sketches and plot notes
  • Character designs
  • Reference photographs
  • Script pages
  • Fallible,” an all-new short story by Ken Krekeler, set in the Westward universe

The Kickstarter campaign for “Westward: Volume 1” will officially launch on March 1st of 2013 and will run for 30 days. As part of the “soft-push” phase of the project, you can visit the Kickstarter page early to view the short documentary video on Westward’s production and scope out the rewards tier.

Westward #2 now available for pre-order!

THIS ISSUE: “Victor West has some adjusting to do. Once, he was the heir to Westward Enterprises, with more pressure and responsibility than he ever dreamed possible. Now, the world barely remembers him. His family is all but estranged. And to top it all off, his new body appears to be a transforming, mechanized weapon of mass destruction. Which is, of course, totally hilarious.”

THE STORY: “Victor West did not ask to be born into wealth. He did not seek out the titans of industry that surround him, that pressure and push him toward a life of grand production and unending work. Heir to the fortune of Westward Enterprises, Victor has never had to try for anything; he has never had to strive or conquer or build. But that was before the accident. Today, Victor is a new man with a new body – and someone out there has resolved to make him pay for it. From the award-winning creator of The Colodin Project comes an all-new ongoing steampunk series, where the world follows only one real law: Achieve or die.”

Preorders are the best way to support independent comics. Ask your local comic book retailer to make sure your store has a Westward #2 waiting for you. Pre-orders close August 26th, so. Just sayin’.

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For more information on pre-ordering, visit the Westward FAQ.

Read an exclusive preview of Westward #2 below.